A Boozy Gift Guide for Holiday Partiers

A Boozy Gift Guide for Holiday Partiers


Beverage essentials, elegant trappings, and custom concoctions to mix things up. 

1. EDITOR'S PICK: Long Now Foundation's Founders Bottle Club

For the cocktail philosopher or, at the very least, the spirits connoisseur, donations to the Long Now Foundation beget a bottle of one of three exclusive artisanal liquors created by St. George Spirits: Bristlecone gin, single-barrel bourbon, or Long Now 15-year whiskey. The last features a sampling from one of 15 barrels of single malt bottled each year, so members can taste the spirit’s flavor as it ages. Bottles are stored in the rafters above Long Now’s bar, The Interval, for retrieval whenever the mood strikes. $1,500 minimum donation

2. Modern House Wines Go Big Magnum$20

3. Two Sisters Bar and Books cocktail classes$85 per workshop

4. March worktable accessory with wine rack, $1,600

5. Timbuk2 x Blue Bottle Coffee Travel Kit, $179

6. Inna Shrub gift set, $28

7. Steadfast herbs seasonal medicine share, $80-$120 sliding scale for 7 handcrafted remedies

8. Domaine Carneros custom sparkling cuvée program, $2,000 for 24 personalized bottles 

9. Soma water filter in black, $80

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