A Photographic History of Protest in San Francisco
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A Photographic History of Protest in San Francisco


While most of the Bay Area was marching for women's rights on Saturday, artist/activist Zach Fernandez was scaling the Golden Gate Bridge to hang his own massive protest poster from the iconic landmark.

Fernandez, who is also responsible for altering the Hollywood scene to read "Hollyweed" on New Years Day, told TMZ that he managed to get onto a walkway below the roadway of the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday night to install a banner which reads "IMPEACH," SFist reports. He also managed to snap the daylight shot of it above before it was removed on Sunday morning.

Of course, this weekend's many protest activities were somewhat par for the course in the Bay Area, where we have a long history of political and social action. Over the last 60 years, San Franciscans have joined together to denounce segregation, inequality, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, Wall Street, tenant eviction, and more. Take a look at SF's history of protest in the slideshow below and take heart— whatever the next four years brings, our city will be ready to resist, signs in hand.

Caryl Chessman Protest, 1960

Protest For the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 1963

Big Colored Parade, May 1963

Spring Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam, April 1967

Native American Rights Demonstration, November 1969 to June 1971

Sitting-in for Disability Rights, April 1977

Protest the Arrival of Pope John Paul II, September 1987

Stop AIDS Protest, January 1989

Women's March Against the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank, September 2002

Hecklers Greet Dick Cheney, August 2002

Iraq War Protest, February 2003

May 2003

Rally Against Bio 2004, June 2004

Prop 8 Protest, November 2008

Occupy Wall Street, September 2011

Call for the Repeal of Prop 209, February 2012

Public Nudity Protest, February 2013

Tenderloin Tenants Protest, 2014

Facebook #MyNameIs Protest, June 2015

The Homeless And Super Bowl 50, February 2016

Support Privacy, February 2016

National Day of Action to End Police Violence Against Black People, July 2016

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest, November 2016

Women's March, 2017

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