And the 2011 7x7 Dog Poll Winner Is...

And the 2011 7x7 Dog Poll Winner Is...


We've always known San Francisco to be a dog-lovin' city, but the heights of our collective obsession really became apparent in this year's 7x7 Dog Poll. The 2011 class of canine cuties inspired more than 25,000 votes, as well as a crop of dog-dedicated Twitter feeds, Facebook fan pages and Flickr accounts. (Also, it must be noted that only in SF would a dog be named Jpeg. We're hoping that we get a CSS, a jQuery and a .Gif next year). 

We picked the original 50 doggie finalists a few weeks ago by photo alone, narrowing it down from over 400 submissions. And the final 7 candidates -- who represented a great range of pooches from large to small, puppy to old-timer -- each had their own lively fan bases.

 It was an extremely tight race to the finish, but in the end, Toaster's teddy bear charm won him the title of San Francisco's Cutest Dog by just a couple hundred votes. Runner up was Biggie, a small fry we'd like to play fetch with immediately. 



As San Francisco's Cutest Dog, Toaster will reign as the Grand Marshall at April 16th's DogFest Pet Procession and Carnival, a must-attend event for the city's dog lovers. Also, he'll be getting a full-blown glamour-shoot, courtesy of dog photographer, Court Leve, which we'll publish on


Congrats to Toaster! We hope to see all the dogs who competed in this year's Dog Poll at DogFest in April.





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