Apps to Improve Your Health in 2015

Apps to Improve Your Health in 2015


Want to actually keep your New Year's resolution to get fit in 2015? These five health apps are here to help. 


Created by thought-computing startup InteraXon, Muse is a brain-sensing headband that teaches stress management through guided mental and breathing exercises via the Calm app. With just three minutes each day, the app measures your brain’s activity and trains you to gradually increase focus levels even during the most stressful of times. Though it comes with a hefty price tag, the app speaks for itself through its near 5-star status ratings across iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Oh yeah, and Ashton Kutcher is a fan and backs the company through A-Grade Investments.

Zombies, Run!

Every sci-fi enthusiast’s dream! With survival and flight instincts standing as sound motivators, the app pushes you to move with a zombie chase narrative, while tracking your stats and guaranteeing a solid workout.

Healthier: Break Reminder

Do you feel like your eyeballs are spinning by the end of the day? Get off your computer. Seriously. Healthier reminds you to take breaks at work and offers office-suitable exercises for your eyes and body. Through an animated menu bar icon, the app shows you how much time you have left to work, gives step-by-step directions for exercises, pauses the timer when you’re away from your computer and auto starts upon your return, plus it plays a sound alarm to let you know your break is over and to get back to work. 


Want to know how health literate you actually are? Hi.Q measures your health IQ score with a comprehensive assessment with over 10,000 experiential questions across 300 unique topic areas, allowing you to pinpoint specific areas of improvement. You can also compare your score with experts and other members of the community such as the average Walmart shopper, the average Whole Foods shopper, an organic farmer, the state average, or even a major metropolitan area. The free app has been certified by 30+ experts from various fields of medicine, nutrition and exercise, and calibrated with an audience of 250,000 individuals to determine which health facts and skills are the most important to long-term health maintenance.


MOCAheart measures blood pressure related vital signs, ideal for evaluating the intensity of your workout, or blood oxygen levels if you’re feeling dizzy. All you have to do is place one finger from each hand on the scanner and results appear almost immediately; which you can then share with anyone you like and stay informed on loved ones vitals via the app’s messaging interface. The first round of Mocahearts are set to be released April 2015 to Kickstarter backers. 


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