Bargain of the Week: Buy A Painted Lady for $4 Million


It's a buyer's world right now, and it's starting to show. The oldest and largest of the Painted Ladies (also known as Postcard Row) in Alamo Square is, after 35 years, up for sale! At 4,600 square feet, it's almost believable that before the current owners took over, the house was a safe-haven for hippies in the 70's. Hilarious to think that a rumor of an FBI raid was what got them to leave. What's more? Countless movies, photographs, and books have been recorded of the monumental house over the years.

With a price tag of $4 million, there's bound to be a few perks. You can look forward to countless pictures on the doorstep, shrieks by passerbys and foreigners who are a little too happy to be there. If you really think about it, it's a bargain to be part of San Francisco history.

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