Behold the Floral Masterpiece "Concentrik" for de Young Museum's "Bouquets to Art"


Following last year's botanical brilliance "Flornado" in the de Young's Bouquets to Art exhibition, Natasha Lisitsa from Waterlily Pond Design Studio will once again create a massive flowery centerpiece for Wilsey Court inside the de Young. Featuring over 300 flowers, including Pincushion Protea and Dutch Gloriosa, "Concentrik" stands at fifteen-feet and 900 pounds, proving to be a natural structure that will delight museumgoers and arboretum-enthusiasts alike. 

Originally trained as an engineer, Lisitsa began her floral career when she became interested in Japanese Ikebana floral design. After studying and developing her own style within this unique artform, she founded Waterlily Pond Design Studio in 2001, and her career as a floral designer (forgive us) flourished. With her partner (and husband) Daniel Schultz leading the architecture and construction of the largescale budding artpieces, they both have created original works for over 1,000 different events. 

Whether or not your allergies are acting up this season, be sure to check out the 31th annual Bouquets to Art, wherein noted floral designers concoct floral interpretations of noted works in the deYoung’s permanent collection. Not to be missed. Exhibition starts on April 14. Bring your own Claritin.

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