The Snug's virgin version of their popular Aloe Vera drink. (Courtesy of The Snug)

8 Mocktails So Delicious You Won't Miss the Booze


Whether you're finally taking the plunge and trying out Whole30 or just drying out for a spell, you don't have to be a hermit.

Get out of the house, belly up to your favorite bar, and order a satisfying, zero-proof, specialty mocktail concocted to help you stay social, satiated, and sober. Happy detoxing.

Get a hearty dose of herbs in the Star Cluster.(Courtesy of China Live)

The Star Cluster

Snag a reservation at China Live's Market Restaurant to try the Star Cluster ($7), one of a handful of non-alcoholic beverages available on the lengthy Chinese menu. Masquerading as if it's a spirit-infused cocktail, the drink has a simple base (coconut water, starfruit vinegar and soda) and a generous helping of refreshing basil and lemongrass sprigs. // China Live, 644 Broadway (Chinatown),

The Aloe Vera

The Snug, Pac Heights' lively new bar, doesn't discriminate. Thanks to bartender Jacob Racusin, there's a no-proof version of their popular Aloe Vera cocktail. Ask for the virgin Vera ($8), with lime juice, aloe, and wheatgrass (the latter ingredient gives the mocktail an intoxicating shade of green). // 2301 Fillmore St. (Pacific Heights),

Pomegranate Smash

The bartenders at Trou Normand, the SoMa sister to Bar Agricole, craft mocktails from a list of vetted combinations tasted well before being executed at service, says bartender Nathan Rea. Among the handful of seasonal mocktails is the Pomegranate Smash, a mix of lime, raw honey, mint, seltzer, and housemade grenadine. // Trou Normand, 140 New Montgomery St. (SoMa),

Seasonal homemade sodas redefine the soft drink.(Courtesy of Rich Table)

Douglas Fir & Lemon-Lime

In keeping with their market-focused menu, the chefs at Rich Table offer seasonal house-made sodas for non-drinkers. While several flavors rotate, the titillating Douglas Fir & Lemon-Lime ($6) is a menu mainstay, incorporates Rich Table's signature ingredient, douglas fir, also found in their yummy levain bread. // Rich Table, 199 Gough St. (Hayes Valley),

Seedlip + Tonic

Dosa by Dosa, the popular SF restaurant's casual Oakland sister, may have a full bar, but non-drinkers can get a taste of the seasonal flavors as well. Try the Seedlip + Tonic ($7) made from Seedlip Garden 108, tonic, lemon and mint. Haven't heard of Seedlip? It's the world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, so you can have a drink without the hangover. // Dosa by Dosa, 2301 Broadway (Oakland),

Pineapple Basil

When Ryan Fitzgerald open the Mission's ABV, he wanted to the bar to have something for everyone. That's why the cocktail-focused lounge has always had a 0% ABV section, including the Thai-inspired Pineapple Basil ($7). Lemon juice and pineapple gum syrup are shaken with basil leaves, finished with soda, and strained over ice into a collins glass. Tastes like the beach! // ABV, 3174 16th St. (Mission),

It's always a party at Marlowe, even without the booze.(Courtesy of Marlowe)

The Glitterbomb

At Marlowe's second annual cocktail competition, the Glitterbomb ($8) was the clear winner in the mocktail category. Made with fresh raspberries and shaken with sugar, lemon, and club soda, it's a new classic. // Marlowe, 500 Brannan St. (SoMa),

The Shirley Temple

The cocktail bar from Lazy Bear's bar director and partner Nicolas Torres, True Laurel is the year's hottest new lounge. But even if you're not sipping on spirits, you can enjoy the small bites paired with a homemade twist on the Shirley Temple ($4), with housemade grenadine, fresh lemon, and lime. // True Laurel, 753 Alabama St. (Mission),


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