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Only the Good News: Coyote enjoys a romp at deserted Kirby Cove + more local headlines to lighten the mood


While humanity is largely shut in, the natural world is having a field day: The air is cleaner, the earth is more still, and our wildlife is simply enjoying nature. Reports this week say the bear population in Yosemite has recently quadrupled, meanwhile a coyote enjoyed a bit of peace and quiet while taking in the tide at Marin's Kirby Cove.

In other news, cute Covid-themed gnome paintings are popping up around Oakland, a Page Street cellist played a concert from his front porch, and renters are finally catching a break.

Remember those mysterious Oakland gnomes? A new batch of coronavirus-inspired characters are popping up, KTVU

A female scientist, a healthcare worker, and a Zoom gnome are among the characters lightening the mood around The Town. Read more.

Amazing photo shows coyote on Marin beach gazing at Golden Gate, SFGate

When the people are away, the wild things will play! Read more.

From front-porch perch, professional cellist serenades Page Street neighbors, Hoodline

Neighbors were treated to a Bach solo, played by professional cellist Saul Richmond-Rakerd from his front steps. Read more.

'A Renters' Market:' Power Shifts From Landlords to Tenants With Evictions Off the Table in California, KQED

New evictions filings have been suspended for now, but now tenants rights lawyers are advocating for rent forgiveness during the Covid-19 crisis. Read more.

Why 2020's 4/20 is a throwback to the original '420', Leafly

"Back in the 1970s, we did what we needed to do to adapt to the environment," said Steve Capper, one of the original 4/20 gatherers. Read more.

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