Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1650 Noe 1 Bedroom


It may not officially change seasons until the 21st, but once the calendar hits June most everybody's already in a summer state of mind. Now if only the weather didn't feel like February (or November, or pretty much any month aside from September) around here.  No matter how long we've been in the city, it's still a brutal shock every time June rolls around and you've still got to bust out a wool coat in the evening. Boost your odds of banishing said coat 'til winter by checking out this week's Craigslist Deal.

Located in the warmer side (28th and Dolores) of an already balmy neighborhood (Noe), this one bedroom comes equipped with more pleasantly temperate days than most residences this side of the Bay. It's hard to put a price tag on the joy of a leisurely evening walk minus scarf and hat, but speaking as a resident of the Sunset, we'd say $1650 would be on the lower end of our appraisal. Large windows in each room let in plenty of glorious light, keeping hardwood floors glowing and toasty underfoot. It's also got a large eat-in kitchen, but we suggest hitting up a sidewalk table at one of the many nearby restaurants to luxuriate in the unofficial start of summer.

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