Currently Loving: New Pigeon Toe Ceramics at Branch Home


We've been searching for a cute hanging planter for a long time, and let's just say it hasn't been pretty. Want an army green plastic number? There are plenty of those, along with a few heavy pots that must require an elaborate bracing system to keep it from ripping out your ceiling. But a simple ceramic number for all your hangables that doesn't cost a fortune? You'll be hard-pressed to find one...

That is, unless you've clicked over to San Francisco's online-based store Branch lately, where their newest arrivals from Pigeon Toe Ceramics are as pretty as can be. This hanging tray is just begging for a mix of succulents. Or – and this we love – skip the plants all together and use it for storing fruit or vegetables in a space-limited kitchen. The faceted exterior adds interest without grabbing too much attention away from whatever pretty things you decide to keep inside.

If you're not much of a green thumb, forget planting and instead opt for one of these hanging vases cast from a real vintage test tube. They remind us of chemistry classes of yore, only with an added chic factor those lab coats never seemed to offer. One is the perfect size for just a cut flower or two, or try several hanging in a row for a deconstructed bouquet look.

For more of the new collection from Pigeon Toe Ceramics at Branch, click here.

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