Dining Design Diary: Nombe


The seriousness of the San Francisco food scene is expressed by restaurants seemingly one-upping each other on every aspect of the dining experience: We use local produce…We grow our veggies on our roof! Our bar was custom made in Italy…Our plates were hand-thrown in Korea to custom fit each item onthe menu! We have art from a local painter on the walls…We have an artist creating art behind you as you eat!

So on the occasion that I come across exceptional food in an humble environment, it can be, well…refreshing. Don't get me wrong—I love an exquisitely designed restaurant. But digging into a great meal in a place that looks like it should be serving watery eggs and sausage patties is akin to discovering that the semi-nerdy bookworm you met at a coffee shop and agreed to go on a date with is actually the frontman in an awesome band. Score! Read more...

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