Could downtown SF soon charge an entry fee? + more topics to discuss over brunch


Plus, Theranos' founder Elizabeth Holmes is charged with massive fraud, the Castro's getting a fancy new hotel + more Bay Area stories you may have missed this week.

Congestion Pricing Revival: State Bill Would Allow SF to Charge Cars for Downtown Entry, SF Examiner

Goodbye traffic, hello double toll for commuters? Soon, you may need to pay to enter downtown SF in a bid to increase the use of public transit and decrease congestion. The concept has been pitched before and shot down; though if the state bill passes, with it will come congestion pricing programs where toll is required for specific areas. Read more.

Fur Sales May Be Banned in San Francisco, SF Weekly

There's no more turning a blind eye to what happens on fur farms—SF has determined that the sale of fur products is inconsistent with the city's ethos. A final vote will happen next week, and if passed the legislation will go into effect July 1st. Read more.

"We Set Ourselves on Fire": Elizabeth Holmes, Disgraced Theranos C.E.O., Charged With "Massive Fraud", Vanity Fair

Silicon Valley darling-turned-villain, Elizabeth Holmes, whose invention was said to help millions of people with the simple prick of a finger—where a drop of blood could detect a spectrum of illnesses, turned out to be something of a con artist. Accused of lying about her tech and financial performance while raising $700 million from investors, she faces sentencing with a nearly bankrupt company. Read more.

Hotel and Restaurant to Replace Castro's Bite Me Sandwiches, Eater SF

Make way for Hotel Castro, a 12-room stay with rooftop deck and restaurant taking up the ground-floor. Read more.

George Lucas's New Museum Breaks Ground in Los Angeles, NY Times

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, funded by George Lucas (and estimated to be a $1 billion project), now has a new building plan that displays a parklike museum setting with 11 acres of green space, rooftop garden, and public terraces. Naturally it will also resemble a starship. Read more.

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