Editors' Picks: Beyoncé Mug, Birkenstocks, Harnesses, & More


7x7 editors reveal what they're crushing on this week. 

Beyoncé mug by SweatyWisdom, $18

When I need a swift kick in the ass in the morning, there is no greater motivational tool than this mug. I could conquer the universe with that mindset, even without Queen Bey's army of minions.  

— Schuyler Bailey (@SchuylerBailey)

The Poe-ka Dots phone case from Out of Print, $25 

I’m obsessed with my new mint-green Edgar Allen Poe (get it, Poe-ka Dots) iPhone case. OBSESSED. It’s the perfect mix of chic and cheeky, and a good conversation starter if your date isn’t quite sure who that strange quaffed man is on the back of your smart phone, or if a fellow bibliophile instantly recognizes the mustachioed writer. On the inside it says, “Calleth the Raven, Nevermore.” My nerdy heart just sipped a beat. 

— Sarah Medina (@funkycolsmedina)

Omakase with pairings at Pabu


Chloe Harris (@ChloeH415)

Yes, Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are big this summer. From the Hermès runway over the past few seasons to the feet of a dirty UC Santa Cruz hippie, they're everywhere. And with that, I'm here to urge you to grab a pair. Fast. (Birkenstock-like sandals by Aldo have completely sold out online.) Get the real deal at any numbers of places — brick-and-mortar or online — or, better yet, unload your wallet on something more glorious, like the Giambattista Valli studded sandal ($834).

Brock Keeling (@BrockKeeling)

Sunday morning stroll at Tennessee Valley

If you like a little quiet with your easy nature walk, head to Tennessee Valley in the early morning. The parking lot fills up quick on the weekends, so if you’re on dawn patrol, you’ll get your pick of spots. The best part? The 1.6-mile walk from the trailhead to the beach is free of rambunctious tots on Skoots (they start rolling in with their grande-nonfat-soy-latte-drinking parents around 9 am). If you time the hike properly, you can be brunching at the Buckeye Roadhouse by 10 am and back at home napping by noon.

Leilani Marie Labong (@llcoolbabe)

A Kooples studded belt worn as a harness, $169

At long last, The Kooples on Fillmore is open, and I want it all. I’ve fallen in love with half of their store (and not just the women’s side), but I’m especially loving their versatile studded belt. Sure, it’s perfect for cinching a dress in at the waist, but it really shines when worn as a harness. At first glance, it looks like something straight out of the Folsom Street Fair, but it's refreshingly understated when peeking out from under a blazer or worn over a simple jeans-and-tee combo. I’ll be rocking it from the office to a night out and straight on to brunch the next day.

Sarah Lee (@SarahinSanFran)

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