Editors' Picks: Tiffany's Bling, Taylor Stitch Plant Wraps, & More!


What 7x7 editors spent way too much time thinking about this week.

The Waldo, Bloom That 

Looking to send someone a little holiday cheer? What could be more merry than a cozy little cactus, courtesy of Bloom That? “Waldo” even comes complete with a handsome onesie from Taylor Stitch. Now, just don’t forget to take care of him during the holidays, or he might not make it to see 2015. — Sarah Medina (@funkycolsmedina) 


Loeffler Randall Fenton Rain Boots

These puppies arrived just in time for #stormageddon (thank you,
Piperlime!), and I couldn't feel more chic traipsing through puddles, ahem,
torrential currents. — Schuyler Bailey (@SchuylerBailey)

T is for Tiffany!

Ever since my then-boyfriend, now-fiance placed a delicate rose gold band on that finger, I have become obsessed with what I am henceforth proclaiming to be the precious metal du jour. And so it follows that I've been bewitched by this sweet baby: the T Collection 18-karat rose gold wire bracelet with round brilliant diamonds. Leave it to Tiffany & Co. to turn out a piece so fine you could wear it for a simple evening look, yet so modern that it is perhaps at its best with a blazer and skinny jeans. Santa, can you hear me? — Chloe Harris (@ChloeH415)

Passenger Shaming

If social media is good for one thing, it's the ability to collectively shame others into better behavior. Take, for example, @passengershaming on Instagram, a consortium of people behaving badly on flights. Everything from bare feet in your face to inappropriate attire to MUCH WORSE. (Proceed at your own risk.) An excellent review of what not to do when you fly home this holiday season. — Brock Keeling (@BrockKeeling)

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