From Soulmate to Fiancé: Ace Tips for Proposing to Your Love
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From Soulmate to Fiancé: Ace Tips for Proposing to Your Love


Whether you fumbled on bumble, swiped right into their arms, or did it the old-fashioned way with cheap talk over an old fashioned, ya did it. You found that one - the one who you would like to Netflix binge with for the rest of your life and maybe even possibly pee with the door open. Skip that last part. No one really wants that. So how do you declare to the world you are oh so lucké? According to the leading love expert Dr. Beyonce, you should probably put a ring on it. But how do you ensure they don't want to give your ring the finger?

Step 1) Grab some donuts, a large coffee and a 1982 Buick because you need to start doing some undercover investigative work. Talk to their closest confidants – could be their mom, that high school friend who slightly irritates you, Norm at the bar…Whoever it is, you need to pick their brain.

If they have a Pinterest account, hop on when they're not home. Try not to get distracted by recipes for Snickers waffles and stay focused on the task at hand. They may not have rings saved, but there will be some strong style indiciators that you can bring in to share with your jeweler. This is where having a good jeweler is key. Sure you can buy an affordable ring online, but is 24/7 chat support really customer service? You need somewhere in person like the San Francisco Gift Center and Jewelry Mart. Somewhere experts can hold your hand through the process. It doesn't make you a baby.

Step 2) Size does matter. No, not the size of the diamond. You're buying a sign of your love not buying their love. We're talking about ring size. Make sure you have the correct finger size for your partner because when a jeweler has to size the same ring up and then down, this actually weakens the integrity of the ring.

Step 3) Find the right jeweler. It's not called a milestone for nothing. That stone is going to have some miles put on it, so make sure you're choosing a jeweler with a solid reputation and not just a cheap price. And give yourself some options. San Francsico Gift Center and Jewelry Mart has over 100 showrooms in one single location. It's like the menu at the Cheesecake Factory, but if there was ever a time where you need convenient options, and lots of them, this would be that time.

Step 4) At the end of the day, love is all that matters.

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