Fog & Laser's Second Party Hits the Rickshaw Stop Saturday: Free Playlist!


Fog & Laser 2 from ian boyle on Vimeo.

Know what's awesome? Lasers. Know what's even more awesome? Lasers in the fog with indie/electric beats. On April 23rd, Fog & Laser kicked off their inaugural event, filling the Rickshaw Stop with a laser/fog-infused dance party to kick off summer. This Saturday (July 23rd) marks their second iteration, featuring indie-rock legend Kyle Field (aka 'Little Wings').

Check out their party track list (download zip file or play each track below) with notes from DJ Emdee, and the cool video above to get pumped. 

What's even more exciting about this summer party are the cocktails, provided by indie distillers Root & Snap. Drink specials include Root and ginger beer, A SNAP soda (featuring Snap, Stolli vanilla and club soda) and a SNAP shot. 


For more details and to RSVP, head on over to Fog&Laser's Facebook page


All Their Sisters - Bibio
Keeping things warming’ up is this ‘insta-classic’ off of the new EP by British music producer, Bibio (aka Stephen Wilkinson). Perky, bouncy melodies + robo-vocals = a big YES!!!

Right-click here to download the track.

Chain Gang - The Bird Day
Found out about this song recently when listening to the fantastic July edition of Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlist. The Bird Day hail from Buffalo New York and are making some pretty sweet sounds.

Right click here to download the track.

Garden - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Another one from a solo British artist, Orlando Higginbottom (AKA: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs). Loving the band name as well as the balance between male and female vocals in this song. It always makes us want to start dancing! (The Linus from Peanuts/Sean Curran style of dancing that is.)

Right click here to download the track.

Golden Train (Penguin Prison Dub Mix) - Penguin Prison
This Dub Mix infuses the kicky original with a healthy dose yacht-rockish goodness. Is this a trend in house music? We kind of think it should be.

Right click here to download the track.

Good Idea - Siriusmo
Our favorite track from the archetypal 2011 crossover dance record ‘Mosik’ by Berlin’s Suriusmo. So good!

Right click here to download the track.

Holdin On to Black Metal - My Morning Jacket
Louisville contemporary jam outfit My Morning Jacket bring us this swaggeringly sinful tune. Horns-a-plenty plus anthemic backing vocals. Everybody sing along!

Right click here to download the track.

India - Mitzi
Delightful down-under disco from this Brisbane quartet known as MItzi. This collage of garage-y disco + light-hearted Aussie pop blend nicely for a killer tune.

Right click here to download the track.

Kilometer (Aeroplane 'italo 84' Remix) - Sebastien Tellier
Fourth of July has come and gone and now we’re dreaming of our Indian Summer. This summery remix by Aeroplane is by no means a new track but was still a hit recently when we played it on One listener even commented “This song is too sexy for its own good.”
Right click here to download the track.

Synchronize [radio edit] (feat. Jarvis Cocker)
Now that you’re out on the dance floor prepare to be synchronized with this mesmerizing track featuring Jarvis Cocker. Pulp’s former frontman is still on top of his game.

Right click here to download the track.

Take Ya' Dancin - Say Hi'
Involuntary toe taps and head bobs underway, Seattle’s Say Hi will definitely get you out on the dance floor with this shuffling rhythm and hopeful melody. This song is our M.O.!

Right click here to download the track.

Utopia - Footprintz
We first heard this one when listening to the new Colette compilation “Secret Island”. Best track of the bunch. A great mellow tune to start the evening off right, packed full of moody synth and dreamy uplifting lyrics.

Right click here to download the track.


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