Four Great City Bikes for Around $500


If you’re like me, it’s probably been a long time since you bought a new bike. Maybe the last time you had a shiny steed under a Christmas tree was when your parents bought you that cherry red Schwinn in 1977. No worries, buying a new bike isn’t that hard. And in many cases, it isn’t that expensive—especially during these end-of-the-year sales.

For most of us, all we really need is a good commuter bike that will get us from Point A to Point B to Point Zeitgeist without breaking or getting stolen. So, I’ve researched the local bike shops to find the best city bikes for around $500. Yes, you can get a brand new, nice ride for that price. Happy Holidays!

1. Jamis Coda Sport
Perfect for: Everyday and weekend riders who want a go everywhere bike

Jamis has long been one of my favorite companies, and one of the bike industry’s as well. Last year, Bicycle Magazine rated this bike one of the highest in its class, and with good reason. The Coda Sport is a great do everything bike. It’s a road bike, quick and agile with great gearing to get up any hill. But it has wider tires for city commuting and flat bars for comfortable every day riding. $560, Mojo Bike Shop (will have them in stock on Friday)  

2. Felt Brougham
Perfect for: Sporty urban rider who likes a sweet steel ride

Felt has always been king of the pretty bikes—and their urban line is no exception. The Brougham is a really sexy city bike with a flip-flop hub (single speed or fixed). Its deep-v wheels are strong and pretty and bolted for city locking. Best part about it is the double-butted steel frame. It’s light, strong, and will last you years. I’d love this under my tree. $550, Huckleberry Bicycles

3. Linus Gaston 1
Perfect for: Stylish urban commuter who pedals mostly in the flat lands

Linus makes really sweet steel bikes with classic roadster design. It has a flip-flop hub, meaning you can run it as a single speed (my suggestion) or a fixed gear. What this baby has going for it is that it’s a super stylish, comfortable ride. And since it doesn’t have a lot of parts to steal, you’ll probably feel okay parking her to a pole for a few hours, but she’ll also look great hanging on your wall. $550, Mash Transit

4. Biria Citibike 700
Perfect for: City rider who wants a laid back, go anywhere ride

In the last few years, the Euro-inspired city bikes have popped up everywhere from the corrals of regular bike riders wanting to add to their fleet to the windows of Gap stores. Earlier this week, I spotted a candy red bike in the window of the newly opened Market Street Cycles. This pretty steel bike has a nice step-through frame, front and rear racks, and sweet leather accents. Plus, its six gears will get you anywhere you want to go.  $550, Market Street Cycles