Four Oakland Jewelry Designers We Can't Get Enough Of


From the brand new to the tried and true, we think that these Oakland-based jewelry designers are doing some amazing things. From designing to casting to running their own stores, these women seriously can do it all.

From the moment we walked in to designer Lauren Wolf’s boutique, Esqueleto, we couldn’t stop dreaming about the work of the woman behind the Temescal Alley space. The minimalist, desert-chic shop, which opened in August of 2011, carries the work of Lauren Wolf Jewelry as well as pieces by other local and not-so-local designers. Wolf’s work stands out as edgy, with a natural aggression that draws on the textures and shapes of the wild.

With an official website on the way, Lindsay Olson’s Adeline Jewelry is a fast-rising line to watch out for. The wax-cast pieces are geometric without feeling contrived. We love her pieces and can’t wait to see what else is coming.    

Sarah Greenberg is the dynamic designer behind Sarah Swell Jewelry, and has been working on her line since its launch in 2008. The pieces are organic and raw, and wearing them makes us feel like the effortlessly cool girls we were meant to be. Everything has a casual elegance, making Greenberg's designs beautiful without trying too hard. Take a closer look at her work here.

Kate Ellen is a Bay Area native who happens to be a compelling (and self-taught) jewelry designer and metalsmith. She opened the boutique Crown Nine in 2011 as part of Oakland’s Popuphood project. The boutique showcases both Kate Ellen Metals, as well as the work of other jewelry designers. Ellen’s jewelry is a perfect balance of handcrafted love and elegance, showcasing both natural and industrial elements. We love Ellen’s work because the pieces stand the test of time, and make a statement without being overtly flashy.


1. Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Goddess Necklace $550, 14K Green Gold Turtle Claw $990

2. Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Ring $120

3. Kate Ellen Metals Clavo Cuffs $80-230

4. Kate Ellen Metals Seven Nail Necklace $260

5. Sarah Swell Snake Band $675

6. Sarah Swell Treasure Coin Necklace $235-900

7/8. Adeline Jewelry available in store at Esqueleto


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