Geoff Hoyle’s New Solo Show "Geezer"


We all ponder our mortality at some point, whether as a precociously grim child or while staring into the abyss of an unwise ski slope or when our jowls sag toward our knees in a cruel gravitational conspiracy. But few of us are as entertaining as master performer Geoff Hoyle when we do. 

Trained by Marcel Marceau’s teacher in Paris, Hoyle’s comic physicality has been legendary in the Bay Area since his days with the Pickle Family Circus. He’s performed in Paris, London, Berlin, England, and on Broadway as the original Zazu in The Lion King.

Hoyle's new solo show Geezer chronicles life from a carefree youth in England to eccentric elder in the inevitable nursing home. Interspersed with his interpretation of the Venerable Bede’s meditations on the meaning of life, Hoyle's trademark court jester/vaudevillian sideshow-style makes for a screwball yet wistful ode to the aging process. 

Through May 1. The Marsh, 1062 Valencia Street. Ticket are $20-50 at 415-282-3055 or

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