Get Down with Hunky Jesuses in Dolores Park on Sunday


Wholesome-minded Easter Sundays usually mean brunches, egg hunts and a cloying amount of pastel (for a great roundup of egg hunts for kids around the Bay, check out this list on Red Tricycle). After you're done with all of that (or if you're just allergic to swirly dye and egg casseroles to begin with), walk on the wild side of Easter at a SF institution now in its 32nd year -- the annual Hunky Jesus Contest in Dolores Park. It's presented by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an awesome order of cross-dressing nuns, and involves a whole lot of steamy resurrected Christs. So continue that mimosa buzz and head over to DoLo Sunday afternoon (the hunky Jesuses come out at 3:30 pm) to revel in the second coming(s).

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