Get Down With Killer Plants at The SF Conservatory of Flowers' After Hours


Plant immersion will ensue this 4/20 in more ways than one— the SF Conservatory of Flowers is getting in on the After Hours game with what they're calling "Plants Behind Bars," a kick-off to their Wicked Plants exhibit for the 21 and over crowd. There will be all kinds of killer plants (the plant that poisoned Socrates, the root that fooled Romeo and the weed that killed Lincoln's mother are all in the house), hemp ale from Pacific Brew Lab, and some roots music (naturally), from the SF string band The Human Condition



In the foreground is an example of castor bean from which ricin is derived. Ricin was implicated in the 1978 umbrella murder of Communist defector Georgi Markov. Morning glory, a plant that can cause LSD-like hallucinations, grows up the gazebo frame.

All this plant mayehm goes down tomorrow, from 6-9 PM at the Conservatory of Flowers. $5 entry at the door, cash only. 

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