Get Your Earth God(dess) on With These Fun Earth Day Events

Get Your Earth God(dess) on With These Fun Earth Day Events


Earth Day is upon us, and while most eco-savvy Bay Areans know to spare the air, use less water, and recycle-reduce-reuse, here are a few more fun ways you can contribute to this beautiful planet on Wednesday, April 22.

Working Lunch

Beloved by science nerds, the Exploratorium is guaranteed to draw geniuses (and wannabes) to its hands-on “Lunch and Lab,” centered around the History of Carbon, with a lecture from researcher Jim Butler. Decrease your carbon footprint while increasing your IQ. // Noon to 1pm, The Exploratorium, Pier 15 (Embarcadero),

Get Your Hair Did

On Wednesday, go for a dry-shampoo and style at Cinta Salon and Cinta Aveda Institute, where you'll det a dry shampoo “washing” followed by flat ironing, curling, an updo, or braids. Cinta will donate proceeds to the Clean Water Fund. // 8:30am-8pm at Cinta Salon, (Union Square), and Cinta Aveda Institute (FiDi),

Swim with the Fishes

It's an all-day party at San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay, whose exhibits include “Meet the Red Eared Slider,” “Cool it Down! Garden it Up!” and “Meet the Blue Tongued Skink.” You’ll walk away an enlightened nature enthusiast. // 11:15am-5:30pm at Aquarium of the Bay, Pier 39 (Embarcadero),

Good Ole Park Cleanup

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by pitching in to revitalize Lafayette Square Park? The City of Oakland will be hosting a community volunteer event to help clean, revitalize, and beautify the can pat yourself on the back afterward. // 9am-4pm at Lafayette Square Park (Oakland)

Want more ways to volunteer on Earth Day? Here are 5 outdoor gigs that give back.

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