Green Living and a Dynamic Washer/Dryer Duo at The Ki


You know you've really arrived when you can say you have a laundry room in your actual apartment. And since you've finally graduated from weekend runs to the laundromat, it's time to take the plunge into smart living. This weekend, The Ki hits Treasure Island with a three-day showcase of smart living brands, sustainable designs, and innovative technologies. And guess what's there? Whirlpool’s new Vantage washer and dryer, which combines technology, high style, and efficiency into a high-performance clothes-cleaning duo.

Make no mistake—this isn't your ordinary washery/dryer. For the tech geek in all of us, Vantage features LCD touch screens, the industry's first USB ports (a forward-thinking feature in place for future software upgrades), and customizable laundry cycles (think settings like "stuffed animals" and "jeans"). Plus, the washer boasts a Stain Assist option, invented by the Whirpool Institute of Fabric Science, to help get out those really tough stains—how's that for top-of-the-line performance?

If you're still not sold, listen up. The washer uses a low water wash system, which means 76 percent less water and 75 percent less energy than conventional models. The dryer reduces energy consumption through efficient heat management. And, the pair features the first ever EcoMonitor to measure your energy and water savings per load while also monitoring usage history. The bottom line—invest in the Vantage and save more than $1,300 on utility bills over its lifetime (based on a 10-year lifetime).

It's sleek, it's green, and it's a no-brainer. Check it out this weekend and get ready to give it a nice home in your laundry room. October 22 -24, Treasure Island,

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