Guitar Wolf Brings Jet Rock n' Roll to Bottom of the Hill


Japanese-born Guitar Wolf is one of those bands that does its thing no matter where they are, who they're playing to, what year it is, or how sweaty they get while doing it. Love them or hate them, they'll never care. The band's "thing" is their own badass creation of "jet rock n' roll," an ear-splitting, aggro blend of garage, rockabilly and the Ramones' loose-hipped punk, which they've been snarling out relentlessly on stages around the world since 1987.

Their first-ever SF show came in the early 90s at the legendary Purple Onion. Local fans who'd until then only heard about their insane live shows (which included microphones that spat fire) packed the venue to the brim. And for the past few years their venue of choice has been the Bottom of the Hill, where they'll play again this Saturday, May 28. When I saw them last year, guitarist and singer Seiji decided he wanted to construct a pyramid out of humans. While the rest of the band raged on, audience members stormed the stage at his command, and spent 20 minutes trying to balance their drunk selves on top of one another, before collapsing in a pile of bodies and giving up for good.

To get familiar, pick up a copy of the band's own cult zombie/alien horror movie (in which they play themselves) Wild Zero. Or take a listen to the classic jam "Jet Generation" below:


Cheap Time and The Rock Tigers open. Tickets are $15, show starts at 9:30 pm at Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th Street.

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