Head to Morro Bay's Oyster Party Tomorrow


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If a friend of ours approached us and said, "say, there's this shindig in Morro Bay..." we'd totally do the waving-hands, semi-rude-close-friend thing that longtime pals sometimes do. Which is basically the sign that conveys "please, you don't need to tell me another thing, I'm going, it is on, whatever it is, if it is in Morro Bay, we're there." We love Morro Bay, like you likely do, too, because it is one of the jewels of a bejeweled Central Coast. 

But if our friend were to continue, hurriedly, and say "yeah, so, there are oysters and art installations and music at this thing" we'd immediately walk to their car, get in the passenger seat, and demand to be driven to the party at once. (We'd share gas money and driving duties, of course; we may be demanding but we're not selfish). And then we'd demand to know the name which is this:  Central Coast Oyster Festival. And it's just ahead, on Saturday, June 16. Tomorrow!

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