Created by a French chef, HeavenSake is the Champagne of sake
(Courtesy of HeavenSake)

Created by a French chef, HeavenSake is the Champagne of sake


HeavenSake is an award-winning collection of five heavenly smooth premium sakes; the brand won Best Sake at the San Francisco IWC in 2019 and 2020.

Handcrafted and produced in Japan, HeavenSake celebrates the union between the traditional art of Japanese sake-making and Champagne assemblage techniques. It is the first Franco-Japanese collaboration in the sake world, co-founded by acclaimed French chef Régis Camus, an eight-time winner of the prestigious Winemaker of the Year award at the International Wine Challenge. In contrast to traditional batched sakes, Camus' vision brings his expertise in the art of blending Champagne vintages to HeavenSake.

(Courtesy of HeavenSake)

HeavenSake's five expressions are all of the prestigious Junmai sake class, which translates to "pure" in Japanese. The four HeavenSake breweries are amongst Japan's most respected: Dassai, Urakasumi, Konishi, and Hakushika.

The sakes' unparalleled smoothness comes from Regis's skillful assemblage, blending different sakes from the partner brewery. Working closely with the Tojis (sake brewmasters), Regis created expressions that all meet the highest standards of balance, purity, and refinement to reflect the meaning of Junmai.

Extremely food-friendly and envisioned to be enjoyed at any time of the day—much like a glass of wine or a good fresh beer—HeavenSake is made of only three ingredients: rice, water, koji for fermentation, a process similar to that of beer brewing. Each expression is meant to be enjoyed chilled and served in a wine glass.

The distinct blends are all-natural, created with no distilled alcohol or added sugar, sulfite-, gluten-, and additive-free, and are three times less acidic than wine. Given these qualities, HeavenSake is the ideal drink for any bon vivant looking for a better high.

Beloved by notable cultural icons and celebrities—think Neil Patrick Harris, Dita Von Teese, and A$AP Rocky—HeavenSake is easily found at acclaimed restaurants and hotels across the U.S., and is also available for purchase at reputable retailers including Whole Foods, BevMo!, and Trader Joe's.

// For more information about HeavenSake, visit, and follow the brand on Instagram @heavensake.

(Courtesy of HeavenSake)

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