Heavy Hawaii's Blurry Beach Boys Psychedelia Comes to Hemlock Tavern Tonight


Heavy Hawaii plays summer music, so if you've been as bummed out as us by the weather lately - especially in the early mornings– put on this San Diego band's record and you'll instantly feel like you're laying on a beach (in Hawaii, duh) with an ice cold piña colada in your hand. Borrowing the psychedelic slip and slide of the Beach Boys and maybe a little bit of the Beatles, Heavy Hawaii sounds like it's playing at you from underwater, amping up their tropical vibes with wave sound effects, theremins and plenty of breezy, early 60s "ooohs" and "aaahs".

Heavy Hawaii has two shows this week: tonight at Hemlock Tavern ($7) and tomorrow night at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland with the beyond-excelllent Terry Malts. You'll quit aching for summer, for at least one night. Check out their songs below.


Heavy Hawaii "HH" by Art Fag Recordings
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