Help Lost Weekend Video Get A New Basement Cinema

Help Lost Weekend Video Get A New Basement Cinema


Lost Weekend Video is part of a vanishing tribe of video stores in San Francisco. Started on Valencia Street in 1997 by three close friends, it's one of the few remaining places in the city you can forge friendships with a group of quirky employees (who all happen to be either music industry veterans or hard-working musicians themselves) and hang out and shoot the breeze just for the hell of it. And most importantly? Their ultra-curated (they are movie nerds, after all) movie selection is pretty much unparalleled.

So we wanted to get on a megaphone and tell everyone that Lost Weekend is starting a campaign to build a cinema in their basement via Kickstarter. They already have a mini stage on the main floor where they show the occasional movie and host sporadic comedy shows, but this decked out underground moviehouse will provide them with a place to take it up a notch. They're foaming at the mouth to play anything from screenings of rare films available only on film or from our extensive collection of unavailable-to-rent imports to  ‘Buffy’ marathons and Jean Claude Van-Damme nights.

It'll become the place to geek out about movies, get away from streaming films on your iPad alone in your bedroom and hang out with, you know, other human beings. And of course, if you help out, You'll be handsomely rewarded with goodies, as is the Kickstarter tradition.

Click here to read up and donate!


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