Hike the Ecology Trail in the Presidio

Hike the Ecology Trail in the Presidio


I hate to divulge my neighborhood's best-kept secret for a quick outdoor fix, so I must apologize in advance to all my Presidio Heights homies for inviting the masses to overrun our perfect little walkabout. Here goes: To get to the Ecology Trail in the Presidio, I jump over the wall at the northernmost point of Cherry Street, and prance just a few paces to the first of many Hansel-and-Gretel moments on this 1.4-mile hike: a trailhead flanked by towering, vine-covered eucalyptus trees. However, a bag of breadcrumbs won't be necessary since the footpath—which meanders in and out of the sunshine, through shady forests and grassy clearings—is distinctly marked. Along with the occasional jogger, rogue mountain biker (no cycles allowed!) and meditative pedestrian, expect also to see playful packs of canines—the Ecology Trail is popular with dogwalkers who, thankfully, keep the route poop-free. The northern terminus of the trail lands smack-dab in the middle of the Presidio, near the intersection of Funston and Moraga, a mere two-minute saunter from the famous bowling alley. In conduct unbecoming a Get Out blogger, I often stop there for my one-and-only true love, french fries. But, if you're feeling perky, head on a northwest vector until you reach Crissy Field and its swarm of lycra-enabled activity, about 20 minutes away.

The south trailhead.

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