Holy Moley


Burgers. Fries. Fulfillment. Open until 9pm.
OK, maybe I’m just being uptight. But in my mind, burgers and religion have, at best, only a tenuous connection. And that’s being generous. Clearly, though, the folks over at the newish Townsend Street burger joint, Holy Grill, disagree. They have the Epiphany burger (cheese), the Pagan burger (cheese and bacon), the Sacrilege (double meat, double cheese, grilled onions), even the Yoga (brown rice and black bean patty, mushrooms, onions, jack cheese, wheat bun.) And the Dogma? A hot dog with grilled onions. You can add Gratitude Cheese Fries (I’m sure the folks at Café Gratitude up the road are thrilled about that one) and a Walk on Water (rootbeer or berry float). I’m not kidding.

Word on the street is it’s a welcome addition to the design gulch lunch scene (though Saffron 685, just up the street, would be my pick…but more on that later), but with its huge cement Buddha in the front window, blaring music and television and lack of tables I’d say it’s definitely more of a take-out spot. Peace be with you.
Holy Grill, 659 Townsend (between 7th and 8th), 431-HOLY.
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