Homme, Part Millinery, Part Antique Shop Open in Russian Hill


We love a classic combo (peanut butter and chocolate, heels and a black dress, etc) but there's something to be said for unexpected duos, as well. Take Homme for example, the new boutique recently opened in Russian Hill. Part millinery, part antique shop, it's not a pair you'd think to find together... and yet it somehow works. Must be since owner Michelle Homme is equally versed in both sides of the business–she is both an interior designer and hat maker, after all.

But while we're sure the hats are lovely, let's focus on the furnishings. Judging by the offerings at the boutique's complimenting 1st Dibs e-shop, the selection is varied–see a gilded Italian chandelier, mod side tables with red arrow-shaped bases, and prints from photographer Jason Florio–and all very reasonably priced. Why not stop by in person, though? Homme is open now at 2354 Polk St. Via the Polk Sheet

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