I.V. Hydration Therapy is Our Favorite New Hangover Cure

I.V. Hydration Therapy is Our Favorite New Hangover Cure


This weekend skip the black coffee and Tylenol routine for something a little more fabulous: I.V. hydration therapy in the comfort and ease of you own home. 

The I.V. Doc—having already cured hundreds of hangovers in infamous party cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City—has decided to help struggling San Franciscans hydrate and recover from those long nights out. Despite the city's 2am closing time, its seems our town has finally achieved international party status, at least enough to warrant an in-home hangover therapy. 

The 30-minute treatment cleanses and detoxes your body by absorbing 100 percent of the fluids and vitamins you body is craving the day after a long night of partying. With the holidays right around the corner, it's inevitable there's going to be a lot of drinking and this quick relief may be your best bet for showing up at work with a fresh face after that embarrassing office party. But it's going to cost you. The I.V. drips price between $199 and $249.

Yah, we'll take the coffee. 

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