IDEO Reinvents the Classic Bike Seat


In the cycling world, there’s nothing more classic than a Brooks saddle. The British brown leather bike seat is a favorite among all kinds of riders—from old school European riders to hipster fixie riders and all style and gear minded folks in between.

Brooks introduced their leather saddle back in 1866 and little has changed in the design since then. That is until now. Brooks turned to local design firm IDEO to provide an updated, more comfortable and still classic looking saddle. The results? A stylish hammock for your butt.

IDEO found that people liked the idea of a Brooks saddle better than the reality of one. While the leather saddle looks beautiful on that vintage Campagnola you built up for city riding, having a Brooks saddle takes commitment. It can take years to fully break in the leather saddle until it’s molded perfectly to your butt.

Ideo spent more than seven years perfecting this saddle and sourcing just the right material. The Cambian has the same durability as the leather saddle, but it’s waterproof and instantly comfy. The saddle itself is made of vulcanized natural rubber so it’s stable and soft, and the top is covered with organize woven cotton. There’s a ladies and gents version available, both available for €145 or about $200. Hurry, these are limited edition saddles.

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