If You Were President, What Would Your Secret Service Code Name Be? SF Sounds Off


Writer Beth Spotswood is one of our favorite local funny people. When she talks, we listen. And laugh. So today, when Spotswood poked a bit of fun at last night's Republican presidential debate, posing this all-important question on Facebook, we thought it necessary sharing. So we asked some interesting locals, If you were president, what would your secret service code name be? Here's what they had to say. Check 'em out, then head over to Facebook and tell us yours!

Beth Spotswood (Slow News Day): Expiring Groupon

Broke-Ass Stuart (Mayoral Candidate): Sugar Shorts

Anna Weinberg (Restaurateur): Electric Slide

Thomas McNaughton (Chef): Al Dente

Camper English (Alcademics): White Carbs

Brock Keeling (Editor): Diane

David Downs (Marijuana Journalist): Honey Badger

Adrienne Arieff (Author, Publicist): Princess Leia

Yigit Pura (Tout Sweet Patisserie): Sugar Daddy

Jennifer Raiser (Author): Coco Puffs

Drew Altizer (Photographer): Pixel

Emily Holt (Fashion Journalist): Lola

Dean Ignacio (Photographer): Bubba Kush

And a few from our 7x7 staff...

Chloé Hennen (Editor): Brut Rosé

Natalie Wages (Publisher): Damn Hippie

Sarah Medina (Editor): Funky Cold

Schuyler Bailey (Editor): Mrs. Butterworth

Don't miss Beth's original Facebook post, with all the brilliant answers from her FB friends. (We're loving Hot Pocket.) And tell us on Facebook, what would your secret service code name be?

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