It's Almost Hump Day: Vote for This Cheeky Condom Design to Benefit the SF AIDS Foundation

It's Almost Hump Day: Vote for This Cheeky Condom Design to Benefit the SF AIDS Foundation


"Look mom, I designed this cool condom wrapper!" said San Francisco graphic designer and artist Leila Singleton. Well, at least she could: Singleton's "One for Every Hump" design (pictured above) was selected for the All-Star Design competition hosted by One Condoms.

For a decade, the Boston-based rubber brand has hosted annual wrapper design contests with the aim of making safe sex fun. SF artist Singelton, whose clients have included San Francisco Travel and Stern Grove Festival, was the 2006 Judge's Pick. In 2015, the company recruited nine past winners, including the hometown girl, to submit designs for a contest that would ultimately benefit the artists' health organizations of choice. 

Singleton's submission shows a couple of coy camels sending each other naughty signals with their brightly condomed humps. Her design is supporting the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, which has already earned nearly 2,000 free condoms thanks to her participation. Readers can simply click on her design online to donate two condoms to the SF AIDS Foundation per day. All organizations will receive as many condoms as they get votes, which
can be up to a whopping 10,000 condoms

We will, of course, vote for team San Francisco—and you can too by clicking here. But just for funsies, check out a few of the other cheeky designs below.  //  One Condom Design Contest,


Designed by Kyriakos Polyzogopoulos for Athens Checkpoint HIV Testing Center


Designed by Kelsie Greenberg for Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles


Designed by Andrea Cabuz for Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Youth


Designed by Amy Thornton for the University of Maryland Health Center
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