Karl Lagerfeld Hearts Janelle Monae


Karl Lagerfeld is nothing if not particular. After all, you don't get living legend status in the fashion industry for not making a statement, and making or breaking a few people along the way. It's not often that you see him raving about anything or anyone, so when he praised singer Janelle Monae two weeks ago, after her concert in Moscow, it was kind of huge.

“Her way to move is unique,” Lagerfeld said. “It's really something she invented.” Big words for a rising star.

While her moves may define Monae, Lagerfeld's signature is definitely his iconic black and white.

The Grammy nominated songstress asked Lagerfeld the question on everyone's mind, “How does black and white make you feel?”, to which he responded, “I'm a black and white person.” And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Check out the Karl meets Janelle video, beautifully shot in none other than black and white.

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