Kenneth Cole Launches Awearness Book in SF


An eager crowd of San Franciscans took advantage of an unusually balmy November evening last night, when party goers lined up outside the downtown Kenneth Cole store for a chance to meet the New York designer himself, in town for a cocktail party fundraiser and launch of his new book “Aweareness: Inspiring Stories about How to Make a Difference.” Comprised of 86 essays written by a range of celebs, from Ludacris and Alice Waters to Lance Armstrong and Robert Redford (spotted holding hands with long-time girlfriend Sybille Szaggars), the book tackles the topic of social change. “These are extraordinary times,” said Cole, during the packed VIP reception before the public book signing. “There’s an unprecedented appetite for meaningful and positive change. …We’re using the company’s 25th anniversary to talk about something bigger than what we all are.” One hundred percent of the book’s sales benefit Cole’s nonprofit Awareness Fund, which supports such charitable organizations as AmfAR and Help USA. Cole wrapped up his speech urging guests to buy the book, and perhaps given these economic times, he didn't hesitate to make one last sales pitch. “Buy the clothes! It doesn’t necessarily help this,” said Cole, pointing to the tome. “But it helps us help this!”

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