Khraigslist, Obama's Blackberry and Other Fictitious Diversions, Kasper Hauser Wrote the Book


We know that President Obama’s iPod is chock full of classic rock from The Stones to Dylan, as well as jazz greats and lots of Stevie Wonder. We know that Bush’s iPod – nicknamed “iPod One”-  featured The Knack’s “My Sharona.” We wonder what the Queen will put on her playlists but now we can (pretend to) know what’s on Barack’s Blackberry.

Thanks to comedy sketchers Kasper Hauser, inquiring Obama-philes can sneak a peak (a tongue-in-peak) at the Secret Service-super-scrambled Blackberry of the Digerati-in-Chief. And the Bay Area comedy team will perform and converse with fans at their Book release party, June 16 at Cobb’s Comedy Club.

The event, a double book release party-slash-performance-slash-Q&A will be moderated by writer Beth Lisick. (Everybody Into the Pool, the Porchlight Storytelling Series) who described Kasper Hauser as “smart without being too cerebral, but it's really their wonderful surrealist streak, played with convictions so strong, that makes you willing to follow them off the bridge again and again."

The sketch group will discuss and sign copies of their new books (coming out next week) “Weddings of the Times” and “Obama’s Blackberry” which offers a window into the day to day e-mails and text messages of the president.

Since America is enthralled with Michelle and Barack’s date-nights and theater-picks, a glance at the Obamaberry will – albeit fictitiously– give us more juicy tid-bits.

Since I recently Searched Inside This Book at, I will tell you that in lieu of Bush’s sub-smarts humor and Cheney as Darth Vader jokes, Joe Biden is emerging as the new joke-butt, a Dan Quayle for the new millennium.

While Kasper Hauser will be great to see live or read in book form, you should know that their mock-Craigslist is also an online amusement. Since the real Craigslist is cracking down on crack-pots, at least of the murderous variety, khraigslist offers a litany of weirdo requests (male prostitute for bible study) free give-aways (Snake puppies, Solar Dome Ship for Burning Man) and missed connections ( “Bagpiper from funeral on Guerrero: who ARE you? Coffee?)

Rob Baedeker, a KH member, described the group’s writing process as “kind of like four clowns driving a clown car and each one has a steering wheel and at any time two of them are sad and there’s no food.”

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