Last Meal On Earth? The City's Top Chefs and Food Writers Weigh In

Last Meal On Earth? The City's Top Chefs and Food Writers Weigh In


We asked some of the city’s best food writers and chefs the obvious question: Since tomorrow’s the last day on earth, what are you going to eat today? Here’s what they had to say.

I don't want the half a pig in my freezer to go unused before the end of the world, so I'm making baked ziti with ground pork and the last of the chard and beet greens from my garden. (I don't know why I bothered to just plant a lettuce crop—who will be around to harvest my peas and beans?) Now that I think about it, maybe I should drink that 20 year old pinot that’s been collecting dust on my wine shelf too. I’d hate to see it go floating down the street when the tsunami/flood/earthquake hits.

—Bruce Cole, editor and publisher, Edible San Francisco

Wait! What time tomorrow? Do we get breakfast? Eating french fries with mayo all day long. —Anna Weinberg, owner, Marlowe

I might do chilled shots of green chartreuse. Not just because it's made by monks for some spiritual protection, but because it makes for a hell of a hangover that I'd be glad to miss. —Camper English, Alcademics blogger and spirits writer

Steamed buttered couscous with a glass of cold whole milk.
—Mourad Lahlou, chef-owner, Aziza

That's easy. Burrata at A16 paired with whatever Shelley tells me to drink, followed by La Ciccia's spaghetti with bottarga and, to top it all off, a brownie sundae bowl from Chile Pies, obviously! —Carolyn Alburger, editor, Eater SF

I'm in Siberia (well, close, Poland on the Baltic Sea) and dying for fruit and vegetables! For my last bite of food, I would have a dead-ripe peach right off the tree, dripping with juice and warm from the sun. —Elisabeth Prueitt, pastry chef-owner, Tartine Bakery

I'm going to make some wine out of water. Then pair it with some sustainably-multiplied bread and fish. —Paolo Lucchesi, columnist, SF Gate, Inside Scoop

I’d get on a plane to go to Sukiyabashi Jiro. It’s widely considered the best sushi in Tokyo.
 —Josh Skenes, chef-owner, Saison

Some beef Bourguignon and a bottle of DRC.
—Justin Deering, chef, Cafe des Amis

Staff meal. Today's Friday, so it's Mexican.
—Corey Lee, chef-owner, Benu

I'm so bummed the world is ending tomorrow! So tonight I will be having from Incanto—spaghettini with cured tuna heart and egg yolk as well as Chris’s tuna and bones, which is tuna spines with chili, garlic, and herbs. And definitely some Sicillian red wine to numb the pain. —Ravi Kapur, chef, Prospect

A rueben from Katzingers in Columbus with lots of garlic pickles and a Dr. Brown’s black cherry cola —Jake Godby, pastry chef-owner, Humphry Slocombe

A burger and fries. And maybe some sushi. Not because it's the end of the world, but because I crave them—pretty much every day.
Erika Lenkert, food writer and cookbook author

Without a doubt I would start with some caviar and blini and then I would move on to some Santa Barbara spot prawns roasted on coarse sea salt with some lemon and olive oil. And sea urchin too—very fresh with some grilled bread, no frills whatsoever. A final pasta with some porcini mushrooms. Some white asparagus. I think i would finish with some porchetta and my final cheese would have to be Époisses de Bourgogne. Dessert would be a souffle, probably cherry.
—Michael Tusk, chef-owner, Quince and Cotogna

My mother's "Mustard Chile & Lime Fish" We serve at DOSA from time to time.
—Anjan Mitra, chef-owner, Dosa

My last meal will be green papaya salad, creamed corn, duck confit and steak tartare (with plenty of croutons). My husband will make me a bottomless glass of one of his kick-ass margaritas!
—Sara Spearin, pastry chef-owner, Dynamo Donuts

The meatballs at Pizzeria Delfina. They're the closet thing to my grandmother's, which were the best in the world.
—Michael Recchiuiti, owner Recchiuiti Confections

What would your last meal on earth be?

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