Link Love: Kiddie Street Style, Botox for Boobs and Elmer Fudd Hits the Runway


Juicy bits to start your weekend …

Burnt out on precious puppies? Refinery 29 lets us in on their new fave site o' cute, Planet Awesome Kid.

P.S. I Made This continues to astound us with her MacGyver-like resourcefulness, making Art Deco earrings with mirror clips and chains.

Holy Elmer Fudd! discusses the controversial overall trend for spring, a trend that we personally hope stays in the fields and off the sidewalks.

Stylelist reports on yet another trend we hope will go away ASAP, Breastox. Yes, that Botox for boobs.

Fashionista comes across a high school pic of Dita Von Teese, and well...she looks more like Miss Sweet Valley High than the queen of burlesque.

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