Lisa Congdon's Collection A Day is Book Bound


Yeah, I collect a few things—vintage cast-iron enamelware, notebooks, moccassins, "L" signage, old Western blankets, puffy vests. And, my stable of treasures ain't too shabby for a pauperess such as myself (believe me, if I could afford to collect, say, vintage Pucci dresses or old LV steamer trunks, I would). But it's still small potatoes compared to what local artist Lisa Congdon has stashed away—neatly, mind you—in various drawers and shelves in her Mission District home and nearby art studio.

Unless you've been living under a rock, this should not be news to you. Her yearlong blog project, A Collection a Day—in which she photographs or illustrates one of her seemingly bottomless collections daily—has been well documented on blogs all over world. Martha Stewart Living gave Congdon a little love in the May 2010 issue, and I'm proud to say that, also in May, my story on her project and her home was front page news in the San Francisco Chronicle (don't you dare utter the words "slow-news day" under your breath).

Now, Uppercase Magazine is one-upping the rest of us admirers by coming out with a book about Congdon's 365-day project. Fine, fine. I'm used to being upstaged. You can pre-order the volume, due out in next Spring, in all its delightfully vibrant acorn-clothespin-German stamp-Dansk enamelware-passport photo-bingo card-school penant-light bulb-miniature globe-pink birdhouse-plastic goat glory, right here, right now.


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