Local Clothing Company Marine Layer Turns Five, Prints Vintage SF Tees


The traditional gift for a fifth anniversary is something made of wood. To celebrate its own fifth anniversary, San Francisco-based design shop Marine Layer, home of super soft cotton and beechwood fiber clothing decorated with 1970s-esque graphics, is gifting you with designs of t-shirts past. Last week, they opened their Archives Project, where they re-released their popular Fleet Week tee from 2010. If a minimum of 100 people order the tee, then they’ll print and ship on October 2 (just in time for the actual Fleet Week); if not, no one gets charged a thing, and you all can go about your merry ways.

About once a month, Marine Layer staffers will be pulling a different tee from years gone by for you to deem worthy or not of your purchase. Since they make each design in limited quantities, you'll have about a hundred designs to choose from over time. If there's a specific design you fondly remember, but lost the tee to a break up or to the mysteries of the laundromat, you can simply email archives@marinelayer.com with your recommendation, and they'll consider reviving the design.

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