Local Etsy Shop We Love: Hannah Stouffer


Local illustrator Hannah Stouffer, daughter of wildlife documentarian Marty Stouffer, finds inspiration in a “grand array” (also the name of her online Etsy shop) of pop-culture emblems, which are neatly disorganized into graphic mash-ups emblazoned on everything from posters to pillows. While we long to show up at the Saturday farmers market with the 18K Jungle tote adorned with a sustainably printed, seemingly incongruous, blood-hued mix of snakes, chickens and lace doilies, we can’t pass up the Welcome to Pantera silk-screen poster, featuring a less ominous, but still unpredictable, jumble of muscle cars, mermaids and, of course, the requisite portrayal of giant-parrot-clenching- innocent-white-dove-in-death-grip. Mesmerizing.

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