Local Fashion Designers Bring Bold Prints for Spring


We couldn't be more ready to transition gently into spring, and what better way than with the coming of some eye-catching prints from our go-to S.F. shops. Craft yourself a gorgeous get-up from these mis-matched prints from whimsical scarves, to striking geo-patterns. 

1. The Podolls Alana Dress, $479

2. Kathryn McCarron Jacquard Drawstring Pants in White, $231

3. BellJar Deco Jumpsuit, $122

4. March SF Lobmyer B Series Decanter and Liquer Tumblers by Josef Hoffman, $198-$1,200

5. The Podolls Mimbres Valley Scarf, $195

6. Job & Boss Blocked Tote, $255 

7. Erica Tanov Zigzag Towel, $41

8. mira mira Ace & Jig Shore Dress, $290

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