Look of the Week: Halloween Costumes On The Fly (Pt. 2)


Year after year, despite making a mental note to think of a Halloween costume in advance, it always comes down to frantically throwing together an ensemble a few days before the big day. But that doesn't mean you can't still come up with something brilliant without having to fight the last-minute costume shop masses. With that, we leave you with 3 fail-safe ideas for guys that you can piece together with minimal effort:

1. Mark Zuckerberg: The best part of dressing up as the geeky billionaire is getting to dress in the comfy clothes your better half usually won't let you out of the house in, topped off with Gawker's creepy print-out Zuckerberg mask.

Gap Arch Logo Hoodie, Old Navy Regular Fit Jeans, Sony Slim Headband Headphones, Gawker's Printable Mark Zuckerberg Mask, Adidas Adissage UF+ Sandals


2. Kenneth The Page from 30 Rock: Going as everyone's favorite page (okay, so we don't actually know any other pages) is as easy as donning a crisp white button-down, gray pants, a bad thrift store tie and navy sport coat accessorized with a "Kenneth" name tag and fake NBC ID badge. Now get ready to tell really weird stories about farm animals all night.

Topman Navy Skinny Blazer, Nordstrom Smartcare Pinpoint Dress Shirt, Gap Heathered Tailored Pants, "Kenneth" Name Badge, Oliver Fitz School of Fish Tie


3. The Old Spice Guy: A hilarious male equivalent of the ubiquitous sexy ______ (insert anything here), this easy breezy costume will have the ladies fawning over you all night.

Apt. 9 Striped Button-Down Shirt, 1,000 pc. Rhinestones, Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash, Suite Platinum Microcotton Bath Towels, Animal Alley Stick Horse