Obviously We Need to Make These Gin-Soaked Popsicles for Memorial Day


Before you reach for that bottle of Provencal rosé for this weekend's festivities, why not consider this more festive, gin-soaked, made-in-San Francisco treat?

From our friends at beloved local gin maker Distillery No. 209 come Betsy's Valor and Old Glory, barbecue-ready boozy treats with a hearty shot of Americana. Here are the recipes. We hope you enjoy them as much as we may or may not already be doing back here at the office. HBD, America.

Betsy's Valor
Named for the mistress of our country's flag, the one-and-only Betsy Ross, Betsy's Valor is for you raspberry lovers out there. Drink it fresh as a cocktail or freeze to share popsicles with the kiddies (just kidding!).

.5 c. No. 209 Gin
1.5 c. Raspberries
.5 c. Lemon Juice
.5 c. Water
.25 c. White Sugar

Method: Combine all ingredients in a blender, and strain. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze over night.

Old Glory
If the blues are more your style, grab a cup of blueberries and make a batch of Old Glory. There's coconut water in these—healthy!

.5 cup No. 209 Gin
1 c. Blueberries
1 c. Coconut Water
.5 c. Coconut Cream
.25 c. White Sugar

Method: Combine all ingredients minus berries in a blender. Pour into popsicle molds. Drop 5-6 blueberries into each mold and freeze overnight.

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