Oh, Gavin! Elle Magazine "Willingly Surrenders" to SF's "Caped Crusader"


The June issue of Elle magazine just came out with a feature article about “Mayor McHottie,” as SF- and Grotto-based author Diana Kapp calls Gavin Newsom. “The Hottest Prospect” might not tell locals anything they don’t already know, but it’s clearly a hand-to-forehead homage to our city’s “caped national crusader for same sex marriage.” Although Kapp goes into Newsom’s run for governor in 2010 (against Attorney General Jerry Brown)—which he announced on April 21 via Twitter—she starts out with a few breathless ringers. You just know somehow that she's dying to (try) to run her hands through his L'Oreal Total Control Clean Gel'ed hair:

“Newsom is a lot of things—but ultimately, he’s just damn compelling.”
“He commands the ability to mesmerize audiences, interweaving intense earnestness with an impassioned staccato of rhetoric.”
“An unusual mix of wonk and glamour boy … he’s all charm and dimples …”
“He’s broken hearts and broken the rules …”
“Newsom’s distinctly modern manliness is a clear asset …”

This all comes before she gets into his personal follies, or even his political career.

Along with Prop 8’s unfortunate ruling (for which Newsom has been the go-to interview for the past couple days), we can expect to see much more mayorial swooning as the gubernatorial race gets going. For those of you who need Cliff’s Notes, Newsom’s recent Time magazine “2-Min Bio” sums up his life in a nice bullet point package. Because if you can’t be summed up in two minutes or less these days, what good are you?

Keep up with Newsom on his Huff Post blog here.
Get your ringed tee here.


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