Olive-Oil Ice Cream Comes to the Mission. Really.


And what's even more surprising, it's good. What's not surprising is the fact that the place—Humphry Slocombe, owned by Jake Godby, formerly of Coi, etc. etc.—is using McEvoy Ranch olive oil. The result reminds me of times I've had real, super-expensive balsamic vinegar dribbled onto vanilla ice cream...not shockingly savory but subtly vegetal, in a good way. We also tried the cream-cheese chocolate chip (the Philly taste was, actually, more startling to me than the olive oil), the maple walnut (seemed just okay, but I'm not a fan of the flavor, so don't go by me) and the Secret Breakfast. It's been blogged about elsewhere, but we agreed: the bourbon and cornflakes work well together. And it's not that different, when you think about it, from rum raisin, right?

Here's the photo you really wanted: the menu.

Humphrey Slocombe menu

and the ice cream itself, of course. Cream-cheese chip's in the front:

HS ice cream

Next time, I'm trying the balsamic caramel, and I'm hoping that the toppings will be ready. Jake's making them himself, which means—sadly, for those of us from Boston—that jimmies won't be an option. (Rats.) But hot fudge will be...


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