On the LookOut for a Different Pub Quiz?


If you like pub quizzes but are tired of the usual format, swing by the LookOut on a Monday night for Brain Farts. The lovely Pollo Del Mar—that's right, Chicken of the Sea—hosts the two hour, 2 to 3 round quiz and selects a "Six Degrees of..." theme every week, posted to the Facebook page by Monday afternoon. Last week's theme was Six Degrees of Dixie Carter (best known as Julia Sugarbaker on "Designing Women") and even though we'd prepared by reading and half-memorizing Dixie's Wikipedia page, we were simply outmatched by some serious Dixie lovers. Pollo's questions are tough not because she is out to trip you up—everything can be found in Wikipedia within six clicks of the quiz subject's page—but because they are so subject-specific that unless you really know the subject and its era in pop culture, you will miss a few answers. It's not too hard, but not too easy, either, and Pollo tells stories and jokes between questions and rounds. The crowds vary week-to-week: apparently Stephen King night was deserted, but Bea Arthur night packed the house. Unlike pubs that reward victory with beer or cash, LookOut's players are rewarded in shots, and Pollo is pretty generous, giving shots straight away to a team that barely scored any points in the first round. Brain Farts starts around 8p every Monday at the LookOut (16th & Market).

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