Or, at the Magic


Local favorite Liz Duffy Adam’s latest play is a departure from her usual post-apocalyptic sci-fi fare. Instead, her deft and witty pen sketches the cross-dressing, spying, bodice-ripping life story of Aphra Behn, the first professional female playwright. Dodging King Charles II, his mistress Nell Gwynne, and murderous double agents, Aphra works feverishly to finish her script and launch herself as an historical figure.

Charming, funny, and full of Sapphic under- (and over-) tones, Or, follows the 17th-century poet Aphra Behn who - like Britney Spears at her finest - never balks at shocking lesser mortals. Sensationalism followed her through life and work and straight into bed, where she eagerly embraces the full spectrum of options. Sexual exploits, comedy, and the odd bit of espionage always makes for good theater, especially at the hand of Liz Duffy Adams.
November 4-December 5. Fort Mason Center. Tickets are $20-60 at 415-441-8822 or www.magictheatre.org.


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